Franchise BOL is now offering ISPs and other WISPs “franchises” of its BroadSail Online (BOL) pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Internet billing and customer support portal.  BOL is the most professional and complete turnkey hotspot solution on the market.

You get a sleek, sophisticated PAYG Web  portal with a custom ecommerce billing system. Once provisioned, your PAYG customers can surf the net on bandwidth you provide.  The only up-front cost to your WISP is the cost of the equipment and bandwidth.  We do the billing, interval provisioning, and, depending upon your needs, the customer support.   We then retain a small percentage of the net revenues from your hotspot(s) and send you a check for the rest!   Franchise Info

Our sophisticated BOL Administrative Site tracks hotspot revenues by franchisee.  It publishes the data to your own password-protected BOL Account page so you can log in and review your profits!

BroadSail Online

BroadSail Online is the area's premier pay-as-you-go high-speed, wireless Internet system!  It is available at Wrightsville, Topsail, Carolina and Kure Beaches and surrounding waterways.

It is designed for vacation rentals, apartment complexes, hotels, motels, restaurants, airports, marinas, RV parks and anywhere people want to be able to buy secure, high-speed Internet-on-demand using their credit cards. Hotels, apartment complexes and other venues can purchase blocks of usernames and passwords to provide their guests complimentary Internet service.


Internet By The Hour, Day, Week or Month!

BroadSail Online is a complete turn-key solution!  When your facility becomes a BroadSail Online hotspot, you need not publicize the service nor provide customer support!   When your guests or tenants are within range of our BroadSail Online signal, they will automatically be re-directed to our portal when they open their browsers to access the Internet.  The BroadSail Online portal then allows you (or your guests and tenants) to choose hourly, daily, weekly or monthly Internet intervals from hundreds of hotspot locations.  You decide whether to provide the service free (as an amenity) or to allow your patrons to purchase high-speed Internet in the intervals they need using their credit cards.

Within seconds you or your guests and tenants are surfing the Internet... with no credit checks or annual contracts.  It is the perfect solution for vacation property or hotel owners, and apartment complexes who want their guests and tenants to have Internet access with little or no investment by you, as the owner of the hotel, motel or other facility.  More importantly, your facility does not have to provide customer support when your guests or tenants forget their passwords or can't get online.  Our BroadSail Online Web portal provides an online Helpdesk followed by personalized telephone support.  Visa and Mastercard accepted.

BroadSail Online is a billing portal that can be used by any wireless ISP...  anywhere in the world.  See "Franchise BOL" (left) for more information!


"With BroadSail Online we provide high-speed Internet to our guests with just one low monthly fee and no equipment costs!"
Susan Langley, The Savannah Inn


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