What is BOL?

BroadSail Online provides patrons of hotels, restaurants, universities, marinas, airports, malls and other public gathering places short- and long-term high-speed Internet access accounts.

The goal of BroadSail Online is to provide a qualifying facility a way to profit from offering convenient, easy-to-use, high-speed Internet access to its guests without having to bear all of the start-up costs of establishing this type of service on its own.

Through BroadSail Online patrons of various public facilities can purchase instant, short- and long-term broadband Internet access using their credit cards. Visit www.broadsailonline.com for more information!

Why Choose Us?

Comspeco.net is your friendly, neighborhood ISP, where customer service is not a lost art! When you call us, you get a live, local person to help address your wireless Internet and Web site design needs.


Our wireless Internet is usually symmetrical. This means that you can transmit and receive data at the same speed. For example: Asymmetric cable modem or DSL service may provide you with a 3 Mbps download, but only a 384 Kbps upload speed (varies by provider). So, when you download Web data, you get it at 3 Mbps, but when you send out an email, it drops down to roughly one quarter of your service level. This low upload speed can rapidly become a very significant bottleneck as multiple users consume the very limited upload bandwidth, which will, in turn, affect the download capacity.

This is particularly important forresidential users wanting to upload high-quality photos and businesses using VOIP, VPN or those with the need to upload or email large amounts of data.

  Terms of Service


What will a wireless Internet antenna look like?

With a majority of our customers living in beautiful homes and businesses along the Cape Fear Coast, we're often asked about the "aesthetic impact" of our wifi equipment.  That's why we have put together this brief photo gallery to give you an idea about how small and unobtrusive wireless Internet equipment really is. Can spot the wireless Internet antennas in the installation photos below?    Click each photo to see the wifi antenna mounted there highlighted.

Where's the WiFi?

WiFi FAQs (cont'd)

Can I get Comspeco.net's wireless Internet service no matter where I am located?
To take advantage of our fast, symmetrical and inexpensive wireless Internet alternative, you must be within range of one of our wireless distribution points. Our Service Area Map will help you find your location in relation to our network of wifi access points.

What if my HOA or the town where I live prohibits the installation of wifi antennas?
This is illegal.  The Telecommunications Act of 1996, the Federal Communications Commission adopted the Over-the-Air Reception Devices (“OTARD”) rule concerning governmental and nongovernmental restrictions.  The rule (47 C.F.R. Section 1.4000) prohibits local governments, home owner associations and landlords, etc. from placing restrictions that impair the installation, maintenance or use of antennas used to receive video programming.  On October 25, 2000, the Commission further amended the rule so that it applies to customer-end antennas that receive and transmit fixed wireless Internet signals.   FCC Information Document .

How Do Your Broadband (High-Speed) Services Differ from Cable-based Internet Services?
Cable-based services, such as Time Warner's RoadRunner and Charter's Pipeline, use cable TV lines to deliver high-speed Internet. A cable modem is used to process Internet data that is delivered over cable TV lines. The cable TV infrastructure is designed to broadcast TV signals in just one direction - from the cable TV company to people's homes. The Internet, however, is a two-way system (upload/download) where data also needs to flow from the client to the server. The result is an "asymetrical signal." That is, it is faster on the download than it is on the upload. Unlike DSL and Wireless, users "share" the cable. In other words, the more users from a particular neighborhood that get on the Internet at the same time, the slower the connection will be for each user. Also, cable users are usually required to subscribe to the higher-priced digital cable in order to qualify for these services... and businesses, which normally don't subscribe to cable television, must bear the cost of a cable subscription to take advantage of cable-based internet services.

Is Wireless Internet The Same As Satellite Internet?

Not at all! Wireless Internet, (also known as wifi or wi-fi) is based on radio frequencies. It is symetrical, unlike most satellite offerings through which you connect via the dish antenna, but are also required to be connected to the Internet by phone line for uploading information. Most satellite users report very slow upload speeds. Comspeco's BroadSail Wireless service eliminates the need for phone lines, and provides data rates much faster and more reliable than cable modems or satellite. Most satellite users report very slow upload speeds.

Can I use the Phone While on the Net with Communication Specialists' Wireless Internet solution?
Absolutely! In fact, you don’t even have to have a phone or cable TV.

Is Wireless Internet as Fast as Cable Modem or DSL?
Actually, our wi-fi is faster. DSL is high speed when receiving data, and much slower when sending data. Wireless Internet lets you send photos, video, audio and other large files just as fast as you receive them. With cable modem, your connection speed is dependent on how many people in your area are on the Internet when you are. As it becomes more and more saturated, cable-modem Internet will get slower and slower! Also, with wireless Internet, we can increase your bandwidth faster and more easily.

Will I Need  to Purchase Additional Equipment,  an Antenna or Special Modem to Get Wireless Internet?
The antenna and "radio modem" are provided to you as part of the service...as long as you are a Wireless Internet customer. If the equipment fails or needs servicing, Comspeco.net will repair/replace the equipment for you at no additional cost.  You must have a wireless card in yoru computer... to go completely wireless... otherwise, a NIC (network interface card) which comes standard with most computers can be connected to your wireless antenna using a simple CAT5 cable.

How Do I Get Wireless Internet (WIFI) Service?

Call us at (910) 791-9774 for pricing and to schedule a FREE site survey. Once we determine that your location is suitable for Wireless Internet service, we'll schedule an installation appointment.

What is Line-of-Sight?
Line of sight is the ability to see one of our antennas without any obstruction (such as a building, or even a tree with thick leaves). Many other factors may affect the signal. A building with coated or tinted glass or foil insulation will have a barrier to signal.

Is the Signal Harmful?
No. Radio signals are weak compared to those of the microwave oven you have in your kitchen. The equipment Communication Specialists installs in your home or office meets all FCC regulations.



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