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Comspeco.net is your friendly, neighborhood ISP, where customer service is not a lost art! When you call us, you get a live, local person to help address your wireless Internet and Web site design needs.


Our wireless Internet is usually symmetrical. This means that you can transmit and receive data at the same speed. For example: Asymmetric cable modem or DSL service may provide you with a 3 Mbps download, but only a 384 Kbps upload speed (varies by provider). So, when you download Web data, you get it at 3 Mbps, but when you send out an email, it drops down to roughly one quarter of your service level. This low upload speed can rapidly become a very significant bottleneck as multiple users consume the very limited upload bandwidth, which will, in turn, affect the download capacity.

This is particularly important forresidential users wanting to upload high-quality photos and businesses using VOIP, VPN or those with the need to upload or email large amounts of data.

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Sands IV HOA

HOA Members and their renters began enjoying secure, communitywide wireless Internet via BroadSail Online in May of 2011.  This 24-unit oceanfront community is located in Carolina Beach, just a short walk from the boardwalk, restaurants, and the lake.


Topsail Reef HOA

In August of 2010 the Topsail Reef Home Owner Association selected Comspeco.net as its community-wide high-speed wireless Internet provider.  The 250-unit oceanfront community is located in Onslow County, on the northernmost end of the 26-mile-long beach at Topsail Island.


Cordgrass Bay HOA

The HOA at Cordgrass Bay, one of the finest condominimum communities in Wrightsville Beach, came to Comspeco.net for a bid on a community-wide wireless Internet system. The elaborate and state-of- the-art wireless network was installed in June of 2010 and will be providing the residents and guests of Cordgrass Bay high-speed Internet for the next 5 years.


One South Lumina Suites  HOA

By the time they'd found Comspeco.net in 2009, this Wrightsville Beach-based Home Owners Association had tried using other companies for its highspeed wireless distribution system...but with unacceptable results.  Comspeco.net is proud to call the Lumina Suites HOA another one of its wifi success stories.


The Reefs V  HOA

Comspeco.net welcomes the members of The Reefs V Home Owners Association to its family of HOAs.  These HOAs are leveraging their association membership to get high-speed wireless Internet at huge discounts!  Comspeco.net began providing wireless Internet service to The Reefs V in June of 2009.


LaLuna HOA

The new LaLuna HOA, with residential units on upper floors and business condos on the ground floor, began subscribing to Comspeco.net's wireless Internet Service in 2007. Because the building is primarily of concrete construction, our wireless engineers got a little creative and service throughout the building is boasts a 99% uptime! Testimonial.


Sea Colony HOA

The Sea Colony HOA turned to Comspeco.net in 2007 to fulfill its need to offer homeowners and their renters high-speed Internet at low costs.  About half of the units subscribe to the service on a monthly basis and the rest of the units get Internet service on a pay-as-you-go basis through Comspeco.net's exclusive BroadSail Online portal. Testimonial.


Atlantic Towers HOA

Faced with the challenge of distributing high-speed Internet throughout its 11-story highrise Resort, Atlantic Towers turned to Comspeco.net back in 2005 for a hybrid, wireless and wired solution.

Comspeco.net's wireless Internet solutions give vacation property owners flexible and affordable alternative to the individual subscription plans available from cable TV and the phone company.  Other HOA's that use Comspeco.net as their Association ISP include: LaLuna Condos (2008) and Beach Harbour HOA ( 2008).

The Inn at Wilmington

This Market Street hotel, formerly the Motel 6, was purchased and renovated in April of 2011. Part of the renovation included the establishment of a campus-wide broadband wireless Internet d distribution system by Comspeco.net.  Guests enjoy free, readily accessible wireless Internet, which they access using secure logins.  Comspeco.net provides 24/7 system monitoring.


Blockade Runner Beach Resort

In June of 2009 Comspeco.net began providing  resort-wide high speed Internet for one of the areas most prestigeous hotels and conference centers.  In addition to the guest rooms and adjacent "cottage", our wireless Internet solution covers all five meeting rooms, the restaurant, pool and lobby.


Harbor Inn

In February of 2009, Comspeco.net welcomed the Harbor Inn on Harbor Island at Wrightsville Beach to our family of wifi hotels. The hotel offers its guests complimentary high-speed wireless Internet via the BroadSail Online portal.  The Harbor Inn is just another example of Comspeco.net's innovative approach to providing wireless signal throughout a concrete and steel structure.


Sandpeddler Motel & Suites

The Sandpeddler Motel and Suites in Wrightsville Beach, NC began offering its guests complimentary high-speed Internet via Comspeco.net's BroadSail Online portal in 2008.  We look forward to continuing to serve this beautiful resort and its guests for many years to come.


The Drifter's Reef

In July 2009, The Drifter's Reef launched a major expansion project to add a beautiful restaurant/bar and a go-cart track to this iconic Carolina Beach motel.  They turned to Comspeco.net to provide high speed wireless Internet for its motel rooms and all buildings throughout the complex.

Our wireless Internet solution powered by BroadSail Online is also available at The Savannah Inn, The Mermaid Inn and The Surfside Motor Lodge on Carolina Beach.

Kure Beach

In July of 2010, the Town of Kure Beach voted to bring Comspeco.net's BroadSail Online Internet Service to its shores.  For nearly 5 years, Comspeco.net's wireless Internet distribution system covered most of Carolina Beach, but had not been able to reach many of the homes and businesses in Kure. Comspeco.net's wi-fi distribution system will now broadcast a high-speed Internet signal from the Town's northern-most water tank southward toward Fort Fisher, giving  Kure Beach businesses

and residents an alternative source for high-speed Internet.  Tourists and other visitors to the area will be able to purchase Internet by the hour, day, week, or month, etc. using their credit cards via Comspeco.net's BroadSail Online pay-as-you-go Internet portal.


Wrightsville Beach

In 2009, the Town of Wrightsville Beach Aldermen voted unanimously to transfer its 2006 contract with an Outerbanks-based wireless Internet company to Comspeco.net.  Under the agreement, Comspeco.net utilizes the northern and southern water tanks on the island, along with access points at 16 municipal pumping stations to distribute high-speed wireless Internet through its BroadSail Online portal.

Comspeco.net has since begun actively recruiting home owners and businesses along Wrightsville Beach to become part of our wireless infrastructure to provide high-speed wireless Internet connectivity to a majority of the homes and businesses on Wrightsville Beach.

Topsail Beach

In 2006, the Town of Topsail Beach inked a deal with Comspeco.net to bring an alternative solution for high-speed Internet to the south end of Topsail Island.  The Town of  Topsail Beach provides space on the town’s water tank for the co-location of a wireless Internet system for broadcasting high-speed Internet to Topsail Beach residents at discounted prices.

Comspeco.net has since begun actively recruiting home owners and businesses along Topsail Beach to become part of our wireless infrastructure to provide high-speed wireless Internet connectivity to a majority of the homes and businesses on the island.

The Park at Village Oaks

Eighteen months after the successful implementation of a high-speed wireless Internet backhaul and distribution service for The Park at Three Oaks, Comspeco.net was contracted to provide a more advanced wireless broadband system for The Park at Village Oaks in Leland.  The 150-unit complex, completed in 2007, is located in Brunswick County.

Just across the river from Wilmington, The Park at Village Oaks is serviced by our 600-foot Navassa tower.  Comspeco.net provides a point-to-point wireless Internet backhaul to the property with an advanced wireless distribution system connecting each of the six apartment buildings and the clubhouse.

The Park at Three Oaks

In 2004, the builders of the Park at Three Oaks told Comspeco.net that they wanted to become Wilmington's first all-wireless apartment complex.  Sure, there have been other wireless Internet distribution systems in the Wilmington area, but these used telephone or cable “landlines” as backhaul, that is, to carry the signal back to the Internet.

At Three Oaks, we use radio waves to accomplish this.  The Internet signal is carried to the Market Street complex via radio waves and is then distributed to each of the seven apartment buildings and the pool clubhouse using radio antennas.  The result is a faster, more symmetrical signal.  That is, the upload speed provided at this apartment complex is as fast as the download speed.

A2Z Rentals

After Comspeco.net added 17th Street to its rapidly expanding wireless Internet footprint in 2010, the headquarters for A2Z came onboard.  A2Z switched to Comspeco.net on 17th street about 6 months after we established a point-to-point wireless link between two of their warehouses in North Wilmington.


Highsmith Animal Hospital

Comspeco.net welcomes Highsmith Animal Hospital to its list of prominent local businesses that recognize the speed and value of wireless Internet. This full-service veterinary medical facility joined us in the summer of 2009.


Carolinas Coastal Health

When Carolinas Coastal Health wanted a faster, more reliable Internet service with upload speeds as high as their download speeds, they turned to Comspeco.net.  Dr. Adams offers a wide scope of services to patients of all ages at his Waterford facility.


Orton Plantation

This 1735 rice plantation, gardens and nature sanctuary wanted a cost-effective solution for  high-speed Internet without detracting from the natural beauty of the setting.  In 2006, Comspeco.net installed a wireless Internet backhaul from Wilmington to the plantation in Winnabow... as well as a wireless distribution system to extend the service throughout the grounds, including Orton's ticketing office, Gift Center and Grounds Keeper's cottage.


Tango Furniture Direct

In 2008, Comspeco.net welcomed Tango Furniture Direct (now Mango Furniture) as the newest member of our family of businesses who demand higher speeds at lower costs with superb customer service.

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