Most of us have used hotel Internet services where the Internet (which is wired to the hotel) is then distributed wirelessly throughout the facility.  In some hotels, the service is secure, while others choose to use an insecure or "open" network.'s communitywide  Internet  is wireless (not satellite)... from our network operations center all the way to your business or community.  Once that main wireless signal (a.k.a. backhaul) arrives at your community, we then further distribute that signal in the form of a secure wireless "cloud" that covers your entire community (neighborhood, condo or townhome complex, apartment complex, marina, college campus, medical campus, etc.) with highspeed, wireless Internet signals. 

Neither telephone nor television cable service is required to get our Internet service!  You can use Internet for your telephone and video services, resulting in even greater savings. 

Typical, modern wifi antenna: Powerful, small & inconspicuous
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ECONOMICAL: Community wireless Internet costs less than traditional Internet, so we can pass savings along to you.  The more users you have the lower the per user cost will be.

SECURITY:'s Internet "cloud" is secure. Users are assigned passwords, so strangers cannot steal bandwidth or access your Intenet for illegal activities.

GREEN: Because we do not have to trench or install any underground wiring, community-wide wireless Internet is more economical and environmentally sound.



Topsail Reef HOA

In August of 2010 the Topsail Reef Home Owner Association selected as its communitywide high-speed wireless Internet provider.  The 250-unit oceanfront community is located in Onslow County, on the northernmost end of the 26-mile-long beach at Topsail Island.

Residents sign in through's proprietary secure portal, BroadSail Online.  The portal uses cookies to recognize its members and minimize having to re-login.  Renters and visitors at Topsail Reef can purchase Internet instantly by the hour, day, week, month, etc using their credit cards.


Cordgrass Bay HOA

The HOA at Cordgrass Bay, one of the finest condominium communities in Wrightsville Beach, came to to bid on a community-wide wireless Internet system. The elaborate and state of the art wireless network was installed in June of 2010 and will be providing the residents and guests of Cordgrass Bay high-speed Internet for the next 5 years.

BroadSail Online,'s proprietary portal, allows HOA members to sign in securely, while renters and visitors to Cordgrass Bay can purchase Internet instantly by the hour, day, week, month, etc using a Visa or Mastercard.  BroadSail Online recognize its members using cookies to minimize relogging-in. 


Lumina Suites HOA

By the time they'd found in 2009, this Wrightsville Beach-based Home Owners Association had tried using other companies for its high-speed wireless distribution system...but with unacceptable results. is proud to call the Lumina Suites HOA another one of its wifi success stories.'s proprietary secure portal, BroadSail Online, allows vacationing renters to purchase Internet instantly by the hour, day, week, month, etc using their credit cards. Lumina Suites Homeowner Association members simply login using their assigned usernames and passwords. 


LaLuna HOA

The then "new" LaLuna HOA, with residential units on upper floors and business condos on the ground floor, began subscribing to's wireless Internet Service in 2007. Renters and residents alike sign in to the service securely using BroadSail Online.  BroadSail Online protects the communitywide Internet service from unauthorized access by anyone not a member or guest.

LaLuna is a testament to the fact that wireless Internet can be successfully deployed within a building of concrete construction.  Our wireless engineers specialize in difficult wireless Internet deployment and service throughout LaLuna boasts a 99% uptime! Testimonial.


Sea Colony HOA

The Sea Colony HOA turned to in 2007 to fulfill its need to offer homeowners and their renters high-speed Internet at low costs.  About half of the units subscribe to the service on a monthly basis and the rest of the units get Internet service on a pay-as-you-go basis through's exclusive BroadSail Online portal. Testimonial. 

Sea Colony is an example of an HOA-sponsored service that is optional to its members.  This way, Sea Colony's HOA members who do not wish to purchase the wireless service through the HOA can opt to have their renters purchase by the hour, day, month etc as needed.


Atlantic Towers HOA

Faced with the challenge of distributing high-speed Internet throughout its 11-story high-rise Resort, Atlantic Towers turned to back in 2005 for a hybrid, wireless and wired solution.

Each of the 140 units are able to receive high-speed Internet through Atlantic Towers existing telephone system, while the conference and pool areas are bathed in wireless signals for recreating users.'s BroadSail Online portal provides security for full-time residents and guests.


Blockade Runner Beach Resort

In June of 2009 began providing  resort-wide high-speed Internet for one of the area's most prestigious hotels and conference centers.  In addition to the guest rooms and adjacent "cottage", our wireless Internet solution covers all five meeting rooms, the restaurant, pool and lobby.

Unlike some other area hotels, Blockade Runner guests can connect their computers to the Internet securely through's BroadSail Online portal, which prohibits intruders from accesing thie private network.


Harbor Inn

In February of 2009, welcomed the Harbor Inn on Harbor Island at Wrightsville Beach to our family of wifi hotels. The hotel offers its guests complimentary high-speed wireless Internet via the BroadSail Online portal.  The portal prevents unauthorized users from accessing the hotel's network by requiring username and password authentication.

The Harbor Inn is just another example of's innovative approach to providing wireless signal throughout a concrete and steel structure.  If you have been told that Wireless Internet is not an option in your building because of its concrete construction, call


Sandpeddler Suites

The Sandpeddler Motel and Suites in Wrightsville Beach, NC began offering its guests complimentary high-speed Internet via's BroadSail Online portal in 2008.

The portal uses cookies to recognize its members and minimize having to re-login.  Renters and visitors at Sandpeddler Suites can purchase Internet instantly by the hour, day, week, month, etc using their credit cards.

We look forward to continuing to serve this beautiful resort and its guests for many years to come.


The Drifter's Reef

In July 2009, the Drifter's Reef launched a major expansion project to add a beautiful restaurant/bar and a go-cart track to this iconic Carolina Beach motel.  They turned to to provide high speed wireless Internet for its motel rooms and all buildings throughout the complex.

BroadSail Online,'s proprietary portal, allows Drifter's Reef guests to sign in securely.  BroadSail Online recognize its members using cookies to minimize relogging-in.


Village Oaks Apartments

Eighteen months after the successful implementation of a high-speed wireless Internet backhaul and distribution service for The Park at Three Oaks, was contracted to provide a more advanced wireless broadband system for The Park at Village Oaks in Leland.  The 150-unit complex, completed in 2007, is located in Brunswick County.

Just across the river from Wilmington, The Park at Village Oaks is serviced by our 600-foot Navassa tower. provides a point-to-point wireless Internet backhaul to the property with an advanced wireless distribution system connecting each of the six apartment buildings and the clubhouse.


Three Oaks Apartments

In 2004, the builders of the Park at Three Oaks told that they wanted to become Wilmington's first all-wireless apartment complex.  Sure, there have been other wireless Internet distribution systems in the Wilmington area, but these used telephone or cable “landlines” as backhaul, that is, to carry the signal back to the Internet.

At Three Oaks, we use radio waves to accomplish this.  The Internet signal is carried to the Market Street complex via radio waves and is then distributed to each of the seven apartment buildings and the pool clubhouse using radio antennas.  The result is a faster, more symmetrical signal.


The Reefs V  HOA welcomes the members of The Reefs V Home Owners Association to its family of HOAs.  These HOAs are leveraging their association membership to get high-speed wireless Internet at huge discounts! began providing wireless Internet service to The Reefs V in June of 2009.'s BroadSail Online pay-as-you-go portal allows the Reef's HOA to pre-purchase Internet service in bulk so that each home owner can sign in securely using his or her own username and password.


Why Choose is the Internet Services division of Communication Specialists Company which has been providing mission-critical wireless communications for hospitals and public safety since 1954.

We specialize in the business of using radio waves to transmit communications signals, whether they be highspeed Internet signals for communities or businesses or paging signals that allow Progress Energy to control load balancing equipment for 40,000 homes in North and South Carolina. is locally owned and operated and has been able to provide superior wireless Internet services in New Hanover, Brunswick, Pender and Onslow counties where other vendors have failed.  Take a look at some of the comments our customers have made and you'll see why Communications Specialists has been doing business in Southeastern North Carolina for nearly 60 years.

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