Our Paging Service

At Communication Specialists, customer service is not a lost art! When you call us, you get a live, local person to help address your paging needs.

In 1976, Communication Specialists became the first company to offer radio paging services to customers in the Greater Wilmington area.

Later, we extended our service to businesses and individuals in Onslow and Brunswick Counties. Today, we are the area's leader in radio paging.

Here are just a few of the medical facilities and businesses that trust Communication Specialists for their paging needs:

New Hanover Regional Medical
Pender County Memorial
Delaney Radiology
Dosher Memorial Hospital
Corning Incorporated
Wilmington Health Associates
Southeastern Mental Health
NHC Schools
NHC Sheriff's Department
New Hanover Medical Spec.
Coastal AHEC
Wilmington Orthopaedic


Memo Express Pager

The Memo Express is designed for the user who needs high-end numeric capabilities and small text messaging in one user-friendly package.

This pager's scrolling display provides easy reading of messages up to 120 characters in length over a single line display.

The compact size, front mount display and variety of color choices make the memo express the pager of choice for the fashion conscience.


Why 6 Million Americans Still Use Pagers

Inside Signal Strength: Cell Phones don’t always work inside our homes and businesses where Pagers do. When communications are critical, particularly inside a hospital, pagers are still the preferred device.

Signal Range: Pager coverage far extends the cellular footprint. Companies that send workers equipped with Cell Phones outside the city limits are more prone to interruptions in communications from being out-of-range.  Pager coverage far extends the cellular footprint.

Device Costs: The average cost of a cell phone is $84, while the average cost of a Pager is about $50. Many people don’t buy the pager, they just pay $16 a month for service and the pager is included.

Device Longevity: The service life of a typical Cell Phone is about 2-3 years.  The service life of a pager is 8 years.

Service Costs:

Cell Phone Equipment Costs @ $84 per phone
Cell Phone Service Costs @ $35 per month / per user

$ 2940

Annual Cell Phone Costs $5040 $21420
Pager Equipment Costs @ $0 / per pager
Pager Service Costs @ $16 per month / per user



Annual Pager Costs $960 $2800


Privacy and Security: Pagers don’t store personal or patient information. If you lose your Cell Phone, you are potentially exposing sensitive personal or patient information.

Distraction & Abuse: Some employers have banned personal Cell Phones in the workplace because of personal calls, costs associated with unauthorized personal texting, Cell Phone gaming and other distractions cutting into work time and driving up costs.  These issues are not a problem with Pagers.

Emergency Response: Cellular Networks tend to overload and fail during mass emergencies.  Pagers provide a better means for reaching large numbers of first responders in crisis situations.


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