Client Testimonials

In today's fast-paced, automated world, customer service is often overlooked.  As a local, community-oriented company, Communication Specialists is well aware of the challenges business and residential consumers face when looking for exceptional customer service.  That's why, since 1954, Communication Specialists has made customer service its cornerstone for success.  Our outstanding customer service is why we are still able to complete in a communications industry dominated by large, international corporations.   Here are just a few of the quotes excerpted from news articles, emails and letters we've received expressing customer appreciation for our outstanding workmanship and customer support.


Letters of Praise ~ Excerpts

Mobile Radio:

"I have been working with 3 of Communication Specialist's technicians these last 2 weeks doing the mobile radio installs for our new TAIT UHF system.  Rob Imhoff, David Johns and Kenneth McCoy displayed a can-do attitude, personability and a professionalism not often seen in many communications services businesses these days." Read Entire Letter
Doug Behnken, IT/Telecom Technology, Four County EMC



"Recently we started using Comspeco pagers.  Barbara & Tom have been exceptional to work with.  During the initial install, we had numerous issues due to the layout of our building.  Every day for at least a week, Tom & Brian were onsite installing equipment & making adjustments to ensure we were getting reception throughout the plant.  Barbara has been very gracious in dropping off whatever I need in a prompt manner.  This is a huge help & timesaver for me.  We have reduced our monthly pager cost by making the decision to go with Comspeco, plus we get excellent customer/technical service locally."
Kelly Matheney, Corning Incorporated


"We have used Communication Specialists for several years and have not had any issue.  The service is great and the staff is always willing to go above and beyond to help when we need it.   We have 20 some pagers with the company and we have very minimal issues." Pam Bacon, Delaney Radiologists


Wireless Internet Distribution Systems:

"I would certainly recommend to any Condo Complex, for that matter, anyone who’s interested in a Wi-Fi system. They are a 100% committed to a good quality product." Read Entire Letter
John C. Tiganella, Sr.,  President,  Sea Colony Home Owners Association

"Comspeco delivers excellent customer service and a great product for an unbeatable price! They have truly delivered the product they offered and they stand behind it on a day-to-day basis." Read Entire Letter
Kathy Zehringer, Director, LaLuna HOA


Wireless Internet Systems  ~ Excerpts from Star News Article  ~ September 2009

Michael Vukelich, the public works director at Wrightsville Beach, said via e-mail that the town’s “level of service appears to have improved” since the switch to Comspeco.

Dr. Wellington Adams, of Carolinas Coastal Health in Leland, has been using the company’s pager service for four years and signed up for Internet service about half a year ago. He says it “has been great … faster and cheaper than Time Warner.”

Allen Smith, Manager at Harbor Inn, has been using Comspeco for a year and a half, and said he was “100 percent” satisfied, especially with the customer service. “When something goes down, they usually know it before I do,” he added.

Hunter Vickers said Lumina Suites, which he manages, is having Comspeco install wireless access after trying another company that didn’t work. Installation was still in progress, but he said so far the firm was “being very thorough.”


Emailed Quotes ~  BroadSail Online

"With BroadSail Online we provide high-speed Internet to our guests with just one low monthly fee and no equipment costs!"
Susan Langley, The Savannah Inn


Emailed Quotes ~  Web Site Development

"The website looks AMAZING!!! Can’t thank you enough for all your hard work!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!
Katherine Rudeseal, Board of Directors, Thalian Association

"Thanks to Comspeco, we have one of the classiest Association Management sites on the Net!"

Chris Blake, Community Solutions Southeast

"Being able to edit our own Web Site content not only saves us time, it saves us money!"
Larry Dewey, LS Dewey & Associates

"I wanted to let you know  - and Brian - how much I appreciated his time and effort in helping me to set up a Snitz Forum on our Web site.  Brian was immensely helpful.  I couldn't have done it without him."
Carol Neubie, Webmaster, Sonday6


Emailed Quotes ~  DSL Services

Good Morning and it is a great morning.  We have DSL hook up, we have emails, we have a fax line.  Please, please give Brian a HUGE pat on the back.  He really did a great job.  I'm sure he'll tell you about the stress he endured yesterday, late afternoon, after getting everything hooked up.  We realize that you've gone above and beyond the call of duty and we sincerely appreciate it.  Thank You!
Wendy Littlefield, Med-Pro

Communication Specialists Co.