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Mobile Radio- Raleigh

CSC of Raleigh

Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc. is the mobile radio provider for Raleigh, NC and the Wake County Area.  This office has been one of the top dealers in the Southeast for the Kenwood mobile radio line for the past ten years.  In 2008, Communication Specialists of Raleigh was among the top five Kenwood dealers nationwide.  

Call or Email Tyler Glover. Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc.,  3533-B Neil Street, Raleigh,  NC  27607.  919.832.9121.

Jean Atkinson

Paging Supervisor

Jean Atkinson has been with Communication Specialists since 1993 and in that time has played many different roles.  Prior to being hired, Jean spent 10 years in the Accounting Department of  Block Industries' Retail Division, working closely with the retail and outlet stores.  There, she provided managerial and accounting support for 41 stores.

Her organizational and interpersonal skills, combined with her attention to detail have made her an ideal candidate for the Customer Service position she occcupies here at Communication Specialists Company.  In 2008, Jean was promoted to Paging Supervisor to coordinate the day-to-day operations of the Paging Division. She oversees paging customer support, new hire training, sales and account management, inventory management, various accounting duties and many other responsibilities.

Despite her supervisory role, Jean is still very "hands-on" when it comes to Customer Service.  Many customers over the years have expressed their appreciation of the personable way she addresses their needs. Her dedication and loyalty to the company is unmatched.

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