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Mobile Radio- Raleigh

CSC of Raleigh

Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc. is the mobile radio provider for Raleigh, NC and the Wake County Area.  This office has been one of the top dealers in the Southeast for the Kenwood mobile radio line for the past ten years.  In 2008, Communication Specialists of Raleigh was among the top five Kenwood dealers nationwide.  

Call or Email Tyler Glover. Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc.,  3533-B Neil Street, Raleigh,  NC  27607.  919.832.9121.

Mike Savage

Service Manager

Mike Savage began his technical career in the land mobile radio field in 1964. Except for a two year stint in the U. S. Navy, he was continuously employed in the technical service of two¬ way radio equipment.  In 1983 he left to become a partner in Wilmington Communications, a two way radio shop locally based.

Mike was totally involved in all aspects of the business, including system design, and installation, repair and maintenance. In 1999 his firm, Wilmington Communications was sold to Communication Specialists Co., Inc., and Mike came on board as Service Manager. He continues to supervise the installation and repair of all equipment, overseeing the technical service and installation staff of five individuals.

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