Executive Staff

Mobile Radio- Raleigh

CSC of Raleigh

Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc. is the mobile radio provider for Raleigh, NC and the Wake County Area.  This office has been one of the top dealers in the Southeast for the Kenwood mobile radio line for the past ten years.  In 2008, Communication Specialists of Raleigh was among the top five Kenwood dealers nationwide.  

Call or Email Tyler Glover. Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc.,  3533-B Neil Street, Raleigh,  NC  27607.  919.832.9121.

Steve Moore

General Manager

Steve Moore began his impressive career 30 years ago at Midwest Communications Corporation by opening and establishing the first office in the Carolinas.  As branch manager, he started the office through his own leads and opportunities, generating a staff of twelve and revenue of over $5 million dollars over the course of five years.  Steve joined Communication Specialists in November of 2003, bringing with him the same energy and drive that characterized his 25-year career in the broadcast communications industry.

With a plethora of business know-how, Steve dominates sales and engineering management while also providing technical support, systems design, and project coordination.  Steve’s good humor and positive attitude earn him commendation from his clients and fellow staff members alike.

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