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Mobile Radio- Raleigh

CSC of Raleigh

Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc. is the mobile radio provider for Raleigh, NC and the Wake County Area.  This office has been one of the top dealers in the Southeast for the Kenwood mobile radio line for the past ten years.  In 2008, Communication Specialists of Raleigh was among the top five Kenwood dealers nationwide.  

Call or Email Tyler Glover. Communication Specialists of Raleigh, Inc.,  3533-B Neil Street, Raleigh,  NC  27607.  919.832.9121.

Tom Davis

Systems Engineering and Maintenance

Tom Davis, Systems Engineer, has been in the electronics service industry since 1970. He is licensed by the FCC and has a ship radar endorsement. Tom began his electronics career as an avionics technician in the US Marines where he repaired communications and navigation systems and served a tour in Viet Nam. Since then his career has included overhauling aircraft electrical systems, installing and maintaining marine electrical and electronic systems as well as business and industrial electronics systems and emergency communications systems.

Tom has been a Field Engineer for Data 100 Corporation and Northern Telecom servicing data communications systems throughout Southeastern North Carolina. Since joining Communication Specialists in 1996, he has worked as lead technician in the two-way radio department and he maintains the paging systems.  He has managed Comspeco.net’s deployment of RF-based wireless Internet in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties since 2002.


Client Testimonials:

"Recently we started using Comspeco pagers.  Barbara & Tom have been exceptional to work with.  During the initial install, we had numerous issues due to the layout of our building.  Every day for at least a week, Tom & Brian were onsite installing equipment & making adjustments to ensure we were getting reception throughout the plant.  Barbara has been very gracious in dropping off whatever I need in a prompt manner.  This is a huge help & timesaver for me.  We have reduced our monthly pager cost by making the decision to go with Comspeco, plus we get excellent customer/technical service locally."
Kelly Matheney, Corning Incorporated

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